why work with a coach

5 years ago I was introduced to coaching and for the record, it has changed my life. Not only has it led to me becoming a certified coach but more importantly, it has changed my beliefs and thought process. This has allowed me to create a life that looks drastically different, the result being I’m more intentional in my life and I’m happier. So if you’re wondering ‘why should I work with a coach?’, this article will share my top reasons to consider coaching.

Spoiler alert: coaching can change your life too!

What is coaching?

Coaching is a conversation between two people aimed at creating clarity and focus, to help you achieve their goals. Consider it a thought partnership where the coach challenges, supports and guides the client to be the person they want to be and to live a life that is aligned with their desires.

Why work with a coach

Everyone’s reasons for working with a coach are unique but regardless of the desired outcome, the benefits will be similar. Here are my top 4 reasons for working with a coach.

1. Coaching helps you envision what is possible for your life

Oftentimes we don’t even realise that our thinking is constrained because after all, we all only know what we know.

However, the process of coaching allows you to reimagine life and challenges your current thinking and beliefs about what is actually possible. This creates new opportunities and allows you to realign, or even reinvent your life through deliberate action.

2. Your coach will see you as the best version of yourself

A good coach is a professional trained in strategies to help you achieve results in your life.

In doing this, your coach will treat you as the person they know you can be. This means they see you as the best possible version of yourself. They don’t buy into your drama or limiting beliefs and will guide you through this type of thinking.

A good coach also doesn’t see your ability as being limited based on your past performance. This unique perspective allows you space to be who you want and gives you the support you need to grow, regardless of your history.

3. Coaching creates a framework for progress

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you stopped ‘starting & stopping’? Because most of us have had the experience of ‘falling off the bandwagon’ and then having to start again with our goals.

But by working with a coach you have a framework for making continuous progress.

Now that’s not to say everything will go perfectly because as with anything in life, there are usually setbacks. However, that regular coaching conversation allows you to learn and keep move forward, instead of wallowing or battling through alone. This means you’ll be pursuing goals consistently and deliberately, leading to results faster.

4. You’ll be challenged & supported to think differently

Working with a coach will not only help you achieve results in your life but will also force you to think differently. And great coaching helps you develop the tools and skills so you can assess your life and think in new ways.

These are the essential skills that we are sadly never taught in school or university. Skills like how to manage our mind and our thoughts?

Doing the work to understand and change our thought patterns and challenging your belief systems is an ongoing process, that brings greater awareness and countless possibilities.

Will coaching work for me?

The fact you’re reading an article called ‘why work with a coach?’ is a good indication you’re ready to step up and start living your life more consciously.

But if you’re hesitant to take the plunge and are wondering if coaching will work for you, here my advice:

Stop thinking about it and start doing. Commit and get into action.

Because coaching will literally change your life if that’s what you want. By carving out time to regularly assess and plan the life you want, you’re able to deliberately & strategically create results.

Now to be clear, coaching isn’t a silver bullet. Implementing the strategies and tools that your coach will support you with requires dedication and action on your part. But if you are ready for change and to take ownership of your life, coaching will give you the support and tools to do it.

Wondering what working with a coach could do for you
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