have more fun in life

Do you want to have more fun and fulfilment in life? Well, you’re not alone. When it all boils down to it, the majority of clients I work with are seeking to find more enjoyment, alignment and fun in their lives too.

And there is great news, it really doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. So if you want a few more laughs and joyful moments, here’s a handful of easy ideas to get started.

Easy ways to create more fun and fulfilment in your life

1. Create a space that reflects you 

Find a space in your home to create a sanctuary of sorts for yourself. It could be a room or it could be a lone bookshelf, the size of the space doesn’t matter.

Fill it with things you love and that reflect your personality, interests and desires. There is no ‘right way’ to do this so enjoy making this space uniquely yours. Some ideas to get you started might include photos, flowers, a journal, your favourite book and affirmations.

Make a point to coming back to this space on a daily basis (or more often!) and just enjoy a few moments surrounded by things that you love.

2. Reflect on your achievements

We often forget to recognise all the things we’ve achieved, so take the time to sit down and reflect on all your achievements in life. To get started, answer these questions:

  • What have I completed that took effort & persistence?
  • What have I achieved that I am proud of?
  • When did I feel challenged or struggle but figured it out?
  • What have I done that others haven’t?

Write as much down as you can and then read through the list. Seeing your accomplishments on paper will give your brain a dopamine boost and you’ll feel able to take on the world.

Also, be sure to keep this list in a safe spot and refer back to it whenever you’re feeling low or need to be reminded of your own brilliance.

3.  Get outside

It may sound over-simplistic but even a 10-minute walk will boost your mood.

I suggest going out with the intention of finding something you’ve never noticed before. You’ll be surprised at your powers of observation and all the things you’ve never paid attention to around your neighbourhood.

You’ll arrive back home feeling better from the fresh air and exercise plus you’ll be filled with a sense of wonder, intrigue and appreciation.

4. Dress up for yourself

Put on something you love just for the fun of it! It might be your Sunday Best, that slightly too ‘loud’ dress that you loved in the shop but have never worn or your favourite jeans & tee. Do your hair and makeup too if that’s your thing. Honestly, anything goes here so long as you feel amazing – because you are!

And even if you don’t leave the house, you’ll feel more confident and have a spring in your step that lasts all day.

5. Get involved with a cause you care about

Some of the best mood boosts happen when we stop focusing on ourselves and draw our attention to others. And most of us have a cause we are passionate about and would love to be involved with but have never gotten around to.

So make now that time because it doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. It could be as simple as joining your favourite charity’s newsletter, giving blood or making a $25 Kiva loan (or check out other ideas here). You’ll feel awesome being engaged in a worthwhile cause.

What you focus on expands

A little reminder before we part ways… what you focus on expands. So by finding small moments of fun, satisfaction and enjoyment, you’re actually training your brain to see these things in every situation.

Practising this will boost your happiness and create more fun and fulfilment you have in your life, over both the short & long term.

So get to it, because who doesn’t want that?

What do you do to create more fun and fulfilment in your life? Share in the comments below.