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Want to know the biggest #truthbomb I’ve faced in my life: success does not equal happiness.

I know! Can you believe it?!

Because if you’re anything like me, I grew up thinking that if I had a job I loved and was successful in it, then I would happy.

But it wasn’t until well into my thirties that I finally understood the sad fact: success does not equal happiness.

And I don’t mind telling you, it was a bitter pill to swallow.

After all, I’d spent 15 years working my way up as a project manager. I’d invested time, effort and money in up-skilling and developing my expertise. And I’d been rewarded for it. I’d received promotions, opportunities and exciting projects. My title and pay reflected my experience and I had what anyone would call a successful career.

But still, there was that niggling feeling inside…

When will my success feel like it’s enough?

When can I stop hustling and enjoy my success?

Umm… When will I be happy?

After a lot of soul searching and research, I finally realised that my happiness would not be found in the next project or promotion.

Instead, I realised I needed to make the correlation between my own success and happiness.

Finding happiness and success in my own life

The process started by allowing myself to really dream and to stop living within the confines of what I thought were expected of me and of what was ‘normal’.

Next, I committed to stop playing small and created a real vision for the life I wanted.

A life I had designed intentionally on my own terms, with a clear definition of success for myself. It also involved a plan to create happiness in all areas of my life, not just my career through setting meaningful goals.

And finally, I got into action.

I started creating the life I wanted. I committed to my own success and happiness.

It’s an ongoing process that requires self-awareness, and a commitment to self-improvement and refinement.

And it is 100% worth it.

Facing the truth that success does not necessarily equal happiness allowed me to step out of the rat race, while creating more success, happiness and fun in my life and work.

And you can do it too.

I work as a coach helping women find happiness and alignment in work and life. I teach these 3 stages in detail through the Joyful, Aligned Life Program and 1:1 coaching. Click here to schedule a free call to find out if it’s the right fit for you.

finding happiness
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