Live your dream… I know, so cliche right?! Up there with ‘pursuing your passion’ and ‘being your best self’. But the thing is, we all want to be living those cliches, no matter how cheesy they sound.

I mean picture it, you’re:

  • Doing meaningful work you love and are good at
  • Financially secure, living in your dream home, surrounded by people you love and that love you
  • Travelling often, living sustainably, giving to causes that matter to you and doing things you enjoy
  • Caring for yourself, exercising and meditating daily, living in balance and always look effortlessly glamorous. 

I mean who doesn’t want that?!

But here’s the bit we missed. The bit that we all know, but gloss over in our mind because it’s daunting and overwhelming. 

It’s that our dream isn’t a picture-perfect destination we suddenly arrive at. Simply put, no one wakes up one day with it all figured out.  

Instead, having the life we dream of takes work and commitment but here’s the good news, living the dream is a journey and the true joy comes from embracing the process itself

So stop waiting for everything to be perfect, or for the right time. Or to be older, thinner, financially secure, more accomplished etc.

It’s time to stop with all the reasons not to and instead, embrace the present and start living the life you dream of right now. 

Tips to Start Living Your Dream Now

It’s time to be brave and put your fears aside and start living your dream now with these 3 practical tips:

1. Get into action with 5-4-3-2-1- GO

Let’s be honest, getting started with anything can be hard, after all our bodies are hard-wired to avoid doing things that are unfamiliar or uncomfortable. But living the life we dream of requires us to get uncomfortable, otherwise, we’d already be doing it.

But when you feel resistance to doing something that you know you should do (or an urge to do something that you shouldn’t) use Mel Robbins’ 5 Second Rule. This simple tool is so powerful because the act of counting down from five stops your brain from coming up with excuses and propels you into action. 

After all, as Robbins says “If you only ever did the things you don’t want to do, you’d have everything you’ve ever wanted.”

2. Cultivate joy in your life  

Using your life vision, find the themes in your ‘ideal future’ that excite you and work out how you can align your life to that vision right now. 

For example, you might identify your ‘future self’ cooking for family and friends in your dream kitchen. 

So while you might not have your dream kitchen yet, there are ways that you could cultivate the joy of cooking and entertain right now. These might be:

  • Experimenting with new recipes
  • Buying new plates that you love 
  • Growing your own herbs on your window sill
  • Hosting regular dinner parties (once that’s possible again)
  • Taking a cooking class

Get creative and find opportunities to add more fun, excitement and alignment to your life.

You’ll be surprised by much joy small, easy changes can bring you.

3. Start working towards your goals with the simplest step you can think of

Finally, you don’t need to have it all figured out. In fact, it’s impossible to have the perfect plan.

All you need is to know the next right step so you can keep moving towards your dream, and this free guide will help you that figure. Remember, every action no matter how small will move you closer to what you want.

So start living your dream today and enjoy the process!

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