ready to achieve your dream

I truly believe that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

But here’s the catch – your desire to achieve your goal must be stronger than you desire to remain the same. And you have to be willing to do the work.

Because whether it’s mastering your finances, writing a book or taking the next step in your career, achieving your dream requires you to become skilled at something. And regardless of your natural talent, mastering a skill requires work and persistence.

So if you are ready and committed to achieving your dreams, this one idea will help you get there faster, and that is, turning pro.

What is turning pro?

Turning pro is a concept from Stephen Pressfield and it is as simple as this; if you want to become great at something, make the decision to live life as a professional would, not as an amateur. 

This means being unapologetically and absolutely committed to the process of developing your mastery. It requires you to show up day-in and day-out, willing to do the work, without excuses.

It means asking yourself constantly ‘what would I do if I were the best in the world?’ and then acting accordingly.

Why turn pro?

In an age where we’re flooded with ‘overnight’ success stories, it’s good to be a reminded that there is no such thing as an instant success.

Anyone who has achieved any level of achievement in their field has slogged away behind the scenes to reach their goals. Your success requires the same focus, dedication and persistence, and turning pro gives you that foundation.

When you decide to turn pro, it’s not just a statement, it’s a mindset shift.

It doesn’t mean that you suddenly know everything or that things get easier, but it does get simpler. Because you become unshakable in your resolve and you’re constantly working to mirror the success of leaders in your field.

It focuses you to keep pushing through obstacles, to keep upskilling and to overcome limiting beliefs and resistance when they set in, which they invariably will.

How to turn pro

If you’re ready to turn pro, these questions will help you make the shift, so grab your journal and diary and get to work.

  • What is your goal? (Be sure just to focus on just one SMART goal)
  • Why is this goal important to you? (See section 2 here if you need help defining this)
  • What is it you want to turn pro in? (i.e. what is the specific skill you need to master)
  • Who do you know that is a professional or at the top of their game in this area? 
  • Write down at least 10 things you think they have done to become a leader in their field. Research this if you need to.
  • Select one thing to focus on to start developing your mastery
  • Schedule time in your diary every day to build your skill and stay committed on track.

Remember, you need to be consistent.

There are no excuses when you’re a pro.

Dealing with resistance and self-doubt 

Without a doubt, resistance will show up for you time and time again. At times it’ll be your own self-doubt and other times it will be the scepticism or lack of support of those around you. And sometimes it will be both.

But you need to remember – this is not unique to you.

This happens to everyone! Even the pros.

But now, as a pro, you need to act as they do.

Find rituals and habits that support you and continue to turn up time and time again, in spite of your feelings or the opinions of others.

Keep doing what you need to do and don’t get disheartened, because this takes time.

If something doesn’t go to plan or you get stuck, make a new plan or try something different. Keep asking yourself, ‘what would I do if I were the best in the world?’ and course-correct when you need to.

You need to move bravely through those feelings, one small step at a time. 

Because everything can be figured out and you are capable beyond your own belief.

You’ve got this!

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