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Ep 9. 7 Tips to Get Recognised at Work

how can i get recognised

Today we are talking about how to get recognised at work.

There is nothing worse than  showing up to work, doing a great job, creating outstanding results and then not being recognised for it. It can send us into feeling unvalued and unappreciated and can take a lot of the fun out of work.

But that’s not how it has to be. In this episode I’ll take you through seven tips to get recognised and rewarded at work. The good news is that a lot of these things are tweaks – slight adjustments to what you’re probably already doing. But they can make a huge difference to how you’re perceived, as well as how you’re acknowledged and rewarded.

Take the time to go through this list, and keep in mind that the best way of getting acknowledged is to do good work and be awesome at what you do. We want to make sure you keep showing up everyday as the best version of you, because you’re awesome!

Don’t get stuck trying to get these perfect, just get into action.

You’ve got this!

Topics discussed:

[00:47]: There is nothing worse than showing up to work, creating outstanding results and then not being recognised for it.

[1:10]: Today I’m going to give you seven tips for how to get recognised and rewarded at work. [1:46]: #1 Choose your energy and your mindset. How can you create rituals or practices that will keep you focussed and in that positive mindset?

[3:08]: How can you eliminate situations where you are drawn into negative energy and office politics?

[3:36]: #2 Share your ambitions. People are not mind readers so make sure you share your goals with people.

[4:40]: #3 Ask for feedback and continuously improve. Be committed to taking the action to improve, and make the feedback loop part of your ongoing activity.

[6:18]: Don’t get stuck trying to get it perfect, just get into action.

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[7:28]: #4 Be intentional. Focus on your key objectives and goals. Less is usually better. Remove the busy work from your list.

[8:30]: #5 Recognise others and take the time to acknowledge it. This will generate positive energy and goodwill within your team.

[9:34]: #6 Network! Personal connections can be made both in person and via online platforms.

[10:45]: #7 Accept praise – learn how to accept praise graciously and unapologetically. Own it. Create an achievements log – get committed to the process of tracking and embracing what you’ve achieved.

[12:02]: Think about these tips, how they apply to you and start to implement them straight away.


How to Get Recognised at Work’ checklist

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