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Ep 7. Performance Review Tips

performance review tips

The topic we’re talking about today is one I get asked about a lot – performance reviews!

We explore why performance reviews are so important and how they’re an excellent opportunity to set yourself up to achieve your career goals. I also give you some practical tips that you can apply as you prepare for your own performance review.

Performance reviews are an opportunity to demonstrate the value you bring to the organisation, as well as share your career vision and aspirations.

So many women feel uncomfortable going in and advocating for themselves and what they want. But we need to do this. You need to have your own back in your career and development. 

In the second part of this conversation I take you through the two components of a performance review. The first is planning, and the second is execution. These steps will set you up for success.

It’s also important to remember that your performance review is not supposed to be a demonstration that you’re perfect. It’s about outcomes. The key qualities you want to show are capacity, growth, adaptability and resilience. These are the attributes of great leaders.

Performance reviews have a massive impact on your career. Use them as an opportunity.

So – take the time to get really clear on what you want, cultivate your self belief and then get your game face on!

You’ve got this.

Topics discussed:

[00:35]: Today we’re talking about performance reviews. We explore why they’re so important, and I give you some practical tips as you prepare for your own performance review.

[1:04]: Why are performance reviews so important?

[2:01]: You have to have your own back in your career and your development.

[3:00]: Use your performance review as an opportunity to educate your boss around what you want to achieve in your career.

[3:29]: The people that put their hand up, usually get the opportunity. Own what you want and advocate for yourself.

[4:23]: There are two parts to your performance review – planning and execution. Think about your performance review at least two weeks in advance. My practical tips are:

[4:48]: #1 Know what you want – pay rise, promotion, learning opportunities. The more clarity you have around this the better.

[6:10]: #2 Get into the right mindset. Go in with the mindset that you are awesome in your own job – 5/5 ratings for everything.

[6:43]: #3 Find the proof – gather a file of all your wins.

[8:24]: You also need to think about the challenges you’ve encountered. What was the learning and growth, and how did you share this with your team so they could improve as well?

[8:41]: You may not have done everything perfectly – that doesn’t mean that you don’t’ go in for a 5/5 rating.

[9:37]: Circle back to the last performance review – how can you demonstrate your growth?

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[10:25]: #3 cont. Demonstrate value in a way that matters to your boss.

[12:06]: #4 On the day – get your game face on. Block out time ahead of your performance review so you can gather your thoughts and show up calm, composed, prepared and focused.

[12:56]: #5 Make a request. It’s ok if this part of the conversation feels uncomfortable.

[14:24]: #6 Summarise and articulate the agreed next steps around your request.

[15:34]: Have your own back and use this as the opportunity to go in and ask for what you want, on the back of having demonstrated why you are so good at what you do.

[16:08]: Take the time to do this work – it is so important! Get clear on what you want, cultivate your self belief, find the evidence for your accomplishments and the value you bring, articulate that in a way that matters for your manager, take the time to get in the zone, be clear and concise, make the request, allow the discomfort, stay the course, finish up with clear next steps.

[17:07]: You’ve got this!


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