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Ep 6. Reignite your passion for work

passion for work

I know so many people at the moment who are feeling flat, frustrated or disengaged at work. Losing the enthusiasm you normally have for work can be really deflating.

In this episode, we uncover the reasons you may be feeling this way, and then I’ll step you through an action plan in order to get you re-energised about work again.

Firstly – nothing has gone wrong! It’s really normal to feel flat and disengaged at times during your career. And frankly, after the last two years with all the ups and downs, changed working environments and a huge cognitive load, it’s not surprising if you’re feeling this way.

But it’s not a fun space to sit in. So – I encourage you to grab our notepad and pen today and take some notes. Take this time for yourself to really get clear on what you want, and how to make it happen.

We’ll discuss how to move out of the lower, negative emotions you might be experiencing at the moment and how to shift into more possibility and optimism.

I’ll help you find solutions and approach your situation from the perspective of endless possibilities.

Allow yourself to step into being the person you want to be and stand in the possibility of the future that you want!

Topics discussed:

[00:46]:  I want to give you some ideas to get back and excited about work again.

[1:26]: Why you might be feeling flat or disengaged about work, and how you can use this as a key opportunity to springboard or even reinvent your career.

[1:51]: Nothing has gone wrong! Everyone experiences this kind of fatigue or flatness.

[2:39]: The pandemic has provided a new perspective on how to balance our work and personal lives and so many people are just not sure where work fits in anymore.

[3:15]: Reaching a point of proficiency in our careers can mean we’re no longer growing or learning at the same rate that we were earlier on in our careers.

[4:02]: How can we build on what we’ve been doing, and create progression opportunities and growth?

[4:45]: For some people this can be a complete reinvention of your career, taking the next steps or just finding enthusiasm again in what you already do.

[5:16]: #1 Brain declutter. Take ten minutes and get all your thoughts down on paper – what’s draining you, making you worried or frustrated at work.

[7:04]: #2 Identify the problems and possible solutions. I give you some examples of some common problems and solutions.

[8:11]: The more detail you can bring to this the better – try to formulate your solutions as goals, and think about what will actually make you happy.

[9:01]:  #3 Shift your perception. Get really clear on why these things are important and how you will know that you’ve achieved that.

[10:05]: What will it feel like when you’ve achieved those goals?

[10:38]: Your brain doesn’t know between what’s real and what isn’t. Stepping into positivity and focusing on what you want, instead of what you don’t want, is powerful.

[11:48]: Who do you need to be in order to create this new reality for yourself?

[12:39]: Join me in my FREE Career Confidence Masterclass here!

[13:18]: Consider your feelings on an emotional scale, and how to move from lower, negative emotions to higher, more positive emotions.

[15:31]: We work our way up to happiness – it’s not a huge leap in one moment. How can you shift up the emotional scale?

[16:17]: Is there a new way you can look at your problems, or are there things you can let go of?

[14:33]: #4 Create a plan. Think and plan from your prefrontal cortex – the rational part of your brain.

[17:39]: Thinking from your rational brain allows you to move into problem solving mode.

[18:18]: Keep your best self in mind. Allow yourself to start being that person.

[18:57]: #5 Step into action. What is it you want and how will you make it happen?

[17:57]: Focus on simple actions you can take for yourself that will shift your thinking and move you into a more positive mindset. 

[20:07]: Show up consistently and take actions that are aligned with your plan.

[20:48]: Keep learning, tweaking, and course correcting as you go.

[21:13]: #1 Brain dump.

[21:27]: #2 Identify the problems and what you desire.

[21:43]: #3 Shift your perception.

[21:57]: #4 Create a robust plan.

[22:06]: #5 Get into action. Learn the lessons and keep moving forward.

[22:28] Stand in the possibility of the future you actually.


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