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Ep 57. BTS – What to Expect Next

BTS What to expect

Today I’m doing something that I haven’t done a lot on the podcast before, which is sharing some personal thoughts I’m grappling with, the challenges I’m facing and the new ideas that I’ve been exploring about our industry. I also take you behind the scenes and share what to expect next, both in my business and on the podcast. 

As a property project manager and coach, I have loved being able to support women one-on-one to build their careers and navigate the challenges that come with working in the property industry. However, as my work has expanded to developing teams and leaders within organisations, I’ve seen a need to create better places of work for people across the board. 

I talk about the need to shift from only giving lip service to topics like equity and diversity, to actively engaging in conversations and working to implement lasting changes. While supporting women to create positive change within our industry still absolutely aligns with my vision, my passion for helping facilitate employee wellbeing more broadly has grown. I share what this means for my business and how I’m working to further embody the values that I bring to my work. 

Addressing challenging topics head-on can be scary. I admit that I’ve personally shied away from discussing certain issues on the podcast that I’ve always had on the list. I’ve experienced the fear of getting it wrong, causing offense or sharing a view I haven’t fully articulated for myself yet. However, I’ve come to realise that it’s a disservice to both my audience and myself, because even though these conversations are messy, they are crucial. 

To really see change and come up with the best solutions to move our industry forward, we need to share our ideas. We must poke and prompt one another, whether we agree with the opinions being shared or not. We mustn’t be afraid of getting it wrong but accept that we might, and be open to growing from our mistakes. 

My commitment to my beautiful podcast community is this: to face up to the difficult stuff, to welcome all perspectives and to give myself permission to be working things out.

Join me today so we can begin the types of conversations that lead us all to better workplaces, true well-being and more fulfilling, rewarding careers. 

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