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Ep 54. When to Speak Up, When to be Silent – Part 2

Communication is a critical skill in every sphere of life, and understanding when to voice our thoughts or when to simply observe can make a significant difference in our relationships, personal development, and professional growth. 

In my previous episode, I spoke about why it’s important to find the courage to use our voice when we have something to say and shared my advice on how to do that. In this episode, I want to explore the other side of communication, those moments where we need to remain silent and actively listen. 

Active listening is not just about hearing; it’s about understanding the speaker’s intent. Unlike passive listening, active listening involves fully focusing on the speaker and striving to understand their message, instead of planning our response simultaneously. 

It’s about diving deeper into the conversation and recognising the emotions, motives, and non-verbal cues that often accompany verbal communication. By practising active listening, we can foster a more nuanced understanding of conversations and respond in a manner that is truly informed and thoughtful.

Through active listening and discerning when silence is appropriate, we can profoundly transform our conversations and interactions. So, whether in your personal life or professional space, try applying these principles and notice the transformation!

If you missed my previous episode exploring when you should speak up, please do give it a listen. I hope you enjoy this episode and as always, let’s strive to bring about positive change in the world!

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