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Ep 52. Shifting Perspective

For many of us, life gets busy and we put so much focus on achieving our future goals. This causes us to run on autopilot, and we forget to stop and actually smell the roses or appreciate the little things that bring joy. Today I’m talking about shifting perspective and how this allows us to not only enjoy the present moment, but to get closer towards attaining our goals. 

It’s all too easy to succumb to the victim mentality when things don’t go as we hope or plan. This can be dangerous to our wellbeing and trajectory, and we often let our disappointments define us. However, adopting a positive outlook on your life is how you find resilience in the face of adversity and see better outcomes in all types of situations.

While it’s unfortunately not something we’re taught as kids in school, shifting perspective is a skill that we can still learn and practice as adults. I’m a strong believer that changing your mindset will open up new possibilities, allow you to connect more deeply with others and find so much more fulfilment in your life.

So how do we go about shifting perspective or reframing a situation? In this episode, I cover the different ways you can find the gratitude and clarity you need for a better way of life, such as:

  • Increasing self-awareness through mindfulness, journaling and meditation
  • Challenging your beliefs by questioning the validity of your thoughts and seeking evidence that counters them
  • Creating diversity of thinking by actively seeking out different points of view
  • Reframing challenges as opportunities in order to foster optimism and create growth
  • Practising gratitude and appreciation to find joy in the present and celebrate your accomplishments. 

When we’re willing to do the work and challenge ourselves, we open ourselves up to new possibilities and healthier ways of being. It just takes some determination and a commitment to practise. You’ve got this, my friend! 

So join me today as I share how you can shift to a mindset that unlocks your potential and supports you to create a future filled with growth, connection and joy. 

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