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Ep 5. Leaning into Your Zone of Genius

your zone of genius

Today we are talking about leaning into your zone of genius. 

People often ask me how to uncover their purpose, or how to find fulfilling work, but I think a more useful and empowering perspective is to explore your zone of genius.

Your zone of genius is the point where your unique talents, strengths and skills meet. This concept not only allows you to understand what you’re good at and what motivates you, but it also uncovers where you can get paid more for doing work that you love.

Even if you’re not questioning your career purpose, understanding your own zone of genius will open up more opportunities for you.

I’ll take you through the four stages of competence before revealing how you can then up-level and upskill beyond these to reach your zone of genius. This is where you increase your impact and increase your earning potential. It’s where you can educate others and connect with people on a much deeper level. This is where great leaders operate from.

We discuss the ways operating in this space can be tough, and how you can work through those challenges. Stepping beyond this point requires you to be intentional and committed and to make the conscious decision to step out of your comfort zone in pursuit of something greater.

Your zone of genius allows you to do something in the world that other people can’t do. We all have this inside of us, it’s about getting out of our own way and letting go of the limitations we put on ourselves, to create a career that we absolutely love and that offers value to the world.

Keep leaning into your zone of genius, whatever that looks like!

Topics discussed:

[00:35]: Zone of genius is a more useful and empowering perspective than focusing solely on purpose or finding fulfilling work.

[1:47]: Gay Hendricks coined this term in his book The Big Leap. It’s the point where your unique talents, strengths and skills all meet. I like to think of it as your superpower.

[2:15]: Before we lean into our zone of genius, we first need to understand the four stages of competence.

[2:47]: #1 Unconscious incompetence.

[3:04]: #2 Conscious incompetence.

[3:24]: #3 Conscious competence.

[3:46]: #4 Unconscious competence, also referred to as our zone of excellence.

[4:57]: There is a downside of being in your zone of excellence – you sit in your comfort zone.

[6:07]: When we’re in our zone of excellence, we can miss the opportunities for growth.

[6:31]: Zone of genius is the next level on the competence staircase – where the real magic happens.

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[7:41]: The shift from your zone of excellence to your zone of genius is a big leap.

[8:46]: Unlocking your zone of genius is the opportunity to push through to the next level.

[9:32]: If you want to have a really remarkable career, and you want to have the maximum impact then you need to be ready to step up.

[10:07]: When you’re in your zone of genius you get to do impactful, fulfilling work.

[10:33]: This is a tough space to operate in; you have to be willing to let go of your ego and get uncomfortable.

[10:45]: Another reason it’s tough is the curse of the competent.

[11:57]: The third limit to unlocking your zone of genius is upper limit problems.

[12:30]: Upper limit problems revolve around a couple of core themes; fear of failure, fear of being alone or fear of outshining others. 

[13:24]: How do you lean into your zone of genius? #1 Make the decision to make the big leap.

[14:03]: #2 Increase your self awareness.

[13:20]: #3 Allow yourself to grow and evolve – it’s a journey.

[16:29]: This work is fundamental to the journey I go on with my one-on-one clients. If you want some guidance and support on your journey please reach out to me.

[16:55]: Our zone of genius asks us to let go of all the limitations we put on ourselves, to create a career that we absolutely love and that offers value to the world.


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Book: Gay Hendricks – The Big Leap

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