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Ep 39. The #1 Question To Ask Your Boss

Knowing the right questions to ask in the workplace can make a world of difference to your career and open up opportunities for progression and promotion. This ability to take the time to inquire, seek clarification, and understand expectations through thoughtful questions can dramatically impact your performance, relationships, and overall success in the workplace.

In this episode, I’m sharing and exploring how asking your boss this, often overlooked, #1 question will show your manager and your organisation that you’re a valuable asset that is dedicated to the trajectory of the business. 

How can I support you to succeed?

This simple yet powerful question shows your boss that you’re not just focused on your own success, but also genuinely interested in supporting their success as well. It shows that you are willing to go beyond your regular job responsibilities and actively contribute to the success of the team and the organisation. This can help build trust and rapport with your boss, as they see you as someone who is not just focused on your own career, but also invested in the overall success of the team. 

Your boss may have specific areas where they need help or where you can contribute your skills and expertise. This can provide you with the chance to take on new responsibilities, learn new skills, and expand your knowledge, which can enhance your career development and growth prospects

Seize the opportunity to become an ally with your manager and support them to create greatness and achieve big outcomes in their role. They’ll start viewing you as a champion of them and, in turn, it will build trust and respect. This relationship could build over time and last well down the track, even if you’re no longer working together. 

Start thinking of how you can position yourself in the business as the person who gets things done and actively supports others in their journey. You’ll increase your own value and make yourself a desirable asset within your role and within the industry as a whole. 


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