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Ep 36. Signs Your Career Has Stalled And How To Get Unstuck

A successful career isn’t necessarily about getting promoted every year but if you’re feeling stuck and not moving forward the way you want to, this is a very frustrating place to be. 

I am passionate about helping women progress in their careers in strategic and considered ways so they can make a bigger impact, love what they do and be in alignment with their greater vision. So today, I’m sharing some of the telltale signs that your career has stalled and 4 steps you can take how to get unstuck.

There are times in your career when you need to slow down, spend time developing your skills and hone in on the role that you’re in. However, there is a difference between these times of mastery and feeling like your career has hit a lull.  

One of the big signs that your career has stalled is that every day feels the same. If you’re bored, you’re performing the same functions and could do your job on autopilot, it’s time to find a new challenge.

In this episode, I talk about taking a good look at your career journey and observing any patterns that may have evolved. This includes not being promoted, being excluded from meetings or opportunities that you used to be involved in and colleagues no longer seeking out your advice. These are all signs that your career has stalled. 

The good news is that once you recognise that your career has stalled, you can take appropriate action to revive your career, find new opportunities and move toward where you want to go. 

I share the 4 steps you can take to start moving forward, beginning with being honest with yourself. Perhaps you haven’t embraced challenges or pushed yourself out of your comfort zone enough. When we avoid opportunities to grow and stretch, we miss out on being able to develop the skills and disciplines we need to step into something new. Think about where you want to be and get clear on what you want. It’s important to think about the short term and the long term so you have a goal to work towards. 

Your career might have also stalled because of an unsupportive manager. I talk about why you need to have an open conversation with your boss about your career progression and be open to their feedback. It might not be what you want to hear, but this is an incredible opportunity to learn, grow and be open to new insights. 

Finally, it’s time to initiate the change. This is about you deciding that you are going to take the next step and be willing to embrace the next challenge in your career. You might be feeling stuck now, but if you’re honest with yourself, clear on what you want and willing to take a risk, you will begin to move forward in leaps and bounds. 


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