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Ep 32. Why Being Good At Your Job Isn’t Enough

Previously, we’ve been taught that if we perform well at work, we’ll advance further in our careers. All throughout our education journey, the final outcome is determined by the amount of work we put in and our performance BUT, in the real world, that isn’t enough anymore. 

In today’s conversation, I’m exploring why being good at your job isn’t enough to progress, obtain leadership positions and receive promotions. 

Typically, girls outperform boys academically throughout their high school years and into university. Women have shown time and time again that they’re great at academics, at absorbing knowledge, applying it, sitting exams, and performing well in the educational environment.

But that successful background doesn’t seem to translate into women in leadership – somewhere along the way there is a disconnect. We need to understand this to narrow down the roadblocks and obstacles that are keeping us stuck and stopping us from advancing further. 

Tune in today to learn my practical strategies that you can start using today to propel your career forward and create your own opportunities. Remember, the sooner we realize and acknowledge that our brains, knowledge, skills and experience are very valuable commodities, the sooner we can be rewarded and compensated fairly. 


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