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Ep 30. Seizing the Opportunity

I often talk about the patriarchy that exists within the property industry with the boys clubs, mansplaining, and frequent assumptions but the amazing truth is, we currently have the highest levels of female participation than ever before.

More and more women are beginning their career journey or progressing into higher roles and it is an incredible time to be involved. 

So, to honour all of the remarkable women around me, in today’s episode I am talking about seizing the opportunities to become a leader in the property and construction industry. 

I’ve seen time and time again how passion, desire, willingness and having the courage to put your hand up and seize the opportunities around lead to spectacular career outcomes. Now, I know that’s easy for me to just say and it can be terrifying to actually do, but the truth is, until we are willing to step up and say “This is what I want” nothing will change and we’ll often be overlooked for any new roles. 

We have to step out of our comfort zone, be courageous to get uncomfortable, ask for the opportunity and trust ourselves that we will figure out how to do the new role. Leaders are not born, as in any job they learn their skills and you will too by putting yourself in a position of leadership and having faith in yourself. 

It all begins with getting out of your own way, letting go of the thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you, stepping into your power and owning that future that you want to create.


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