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Ep 28. How To Stop Under Earning

Today’s episode is a follow-on from last week’s episode ‘Are you under earning?’. If you haven’t already, jump back and listen to it to gain an understanding of whether you are under earning in your career. 

Take a moment and picture yourself earning the amount of money you desire. Everything in your life will shift and you’ll feel fulfilled and empowered in brand new ways from creating the money and reward that you’re capable of and deserve. 

There are so many reasons that we might want to earn more money. You don’t need to shout your reason from the rooftops but it must hold value for you because when we connect with the ‘why’ we have a constant internal motivator that anchors us to the goal.

In today’s episode, I’m going to show you four practical key steps to go from under earning each year to getting paid what your work and value are worth. 

We’ll cover getting clear on your desires, overcoming limiting beliefs surrounding money and gender roles, increasing your value as an employee, viewing money as a tool and not a representation of your personal worth and handling those dreaded uncomfortable conversations about money and pay raises with your employer. 

I want you to stop under earning as soon as possible. You know you’re capable of more and you know you can achieve it. You have to become your own best advocate and put your absolute best foot forward. 

Don’t let yourself back down – You’ve got this!


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