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Ep 22. Stop People Pleasing

We are well and truly on the home straight to Christmas – truly my favourite time of the year. I love that everyone is in a festive mood, people are starting to relax and think about the new year and the goals they have for themselves.

This time of year is also a time connection. But this time of year also comes with obligations and often, it involves us spending time with people we don’t necessarily love or choose to hang out with.

Sometimes we show up to events out of a sense of duty or obligation. That’s ok if we make that decision consciously. But so many of us show up to things because, ultimately, we are trying to please people in our lives.

I reflect on my own people-pleasing traits and how this shows up for me. I have recently realised that go to extreme lengths to prioritise other people’s needs and desires.

I share that we need to become aware of the distinction between doing things to please people and doing something because we have made a conscious choice. There are two components to this – self-awareness, and knowing why we make certain decisions.

I share how breaking up with people pleasing has allowed me to change the way we do Christmas this year. I am not responsible for other people’s happiness.

We make decision’s every single day where we are thinking about other people’s needs, priorities and expectations before our own. That is not serving us.

If we are trying to create a career and life that we love, we need to be aligned and know what our desires and goals are. So my invitation to you is – take the time to get clear on what it is you want and what matters to you. Stop people pleasing.

You have to be all in on creating the career and life that you want in order for it to happen. You need to make choices consistent with that vision every day. That requires effort and sometimes upsetting and disappointing people. But it’s ok, you are creating a life that you have designed, thoughtfully and with intention.


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