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Ep 19. Embracing Failure

So many talented and capable women hold themselves back from making their next move in their careers for fear of screwing up. We’ve all been there – no one wants to be seen as a failure! But failure is a necessary part of growth so today I’m talking about embracing failure in order to achieve the success you dream of. 

Successful people don’t start off being successful people. They learn what they need to know, then practise and get better. It’s all about a growth mindset and the only way to achieve this is to do the work. The truth is, you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. 

In this episode, I talk about being willing to be brave enough to screw up, make mistakes and see failure as an opportunity for growth. Women are especially hard on themselves when it comes to making mistakes.

We tend to beat ourselves up and hold ourselves back for fear of not being perfect. But the truth is, skill comes from practice and the only way to get experience is to do the work. So put yourself in situations that feel uncomfortable and see what you’re capable of—you might be surprised by what you can achieve.

Think about what you want for your career and the impact you want to make in the world. You won’t just leap from step 1 to step 10. You have to learn and grow through every level in order to get to the next one. I hope this episode encourages you to maintain your enthusiasm through the growth process, even when it feels like you’re wading through mud. 

Remember, until you’re willing to embrace failure, you’ll never become the version of yourself that you dream of being.

When you learn how to practise failure, you become better, more resilient and understand how to use every failure to propel yourself forward in your life and career. Go for it!


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