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Ep 16. Find your Purpose

Have you hit a brick wall and are not quite sure where to go next?

This is a common feeling at some point in our careers. I see it the most for women at the mid-career point. It’s here you are proficient and highly competent in what you do, but taking the next step in your career isn’t as easy as it once was. I want to let you know this is perfectly normal. Not only that, it’s the perfect time to stop and reflect – on where you’re at, and what you want from your career. 

In this episode, I share how to reflect on where you are, how to get clear on what you want and how this can help reverse engineer a meaningful career moving forward.

This is an opportunity for you to uncover your purpose, connect with what you want, and determine your mission.

I provide you with some questions that will help you work out your purpose. And then, how to frame this exploration in terms of your mission. What is the thing that absolutely motivates you, excites you and drives you forward? This becomes your Northstar. I explain how once you have this driving mission, you can then reverse-engineer your career around this.

This is not about what you want, or what you want to do. It’s not about a job title or salary. It’s about the impact and the influence you will have.

My invitation for you today is to get crystal clear on what your mission is, and what drives you. If anything was possible, what would you be doing?

So I encourage you to do this work. It will change your life in the best way possible. It will bring that alignment and fulfilment back to your everyday.


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