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Ep 10. Learnings from a Queen

create a legacy

Today I want to talk about something a little bit different. I woke this morning to the news  of Queens Elizabeth II’s passing. I thought this would be a valuable opportunity to reflect on the life of a truly remarkable woman, and what she teaches us about who we are, and how we show up in our lives.

I know for most of us, Queen Elizabeth II has been the only monarch we’ve had and how having such a steadfast and public woman at the helm has opened us up to understand what’s possible for women.

I reflect on the reasons why the Queen has been so influential and beloved and how her ability to connect has been at the core of this.

Queen Elizabeth II really gave her whole self in her work ethic and sense of duty to her people. She was never able to switch off or change course. She was steadfastly dedicated to being in service and she has never shied away from that.

The Queen’s legacy has made me stop and think – what is the legacy I’m leaving? How do I want to be remembered? What influence do I want to have on the world? I invite you to think about what you want your greatest accomplishments to be.

Our legacy is there irrespective of how intentional we are. However, the more intentional and deliberate we can bcomes about crafting a legacy we are proud of then the more good we will do in the world.

I share some ideas that can help each of us step up to be the person that we want to be.

Topics discussed:

[00:36]: I thought this would be an opportunity to talk about a remarkable woman and what she teaches each of us about who we are and how we show up in our lives.

[1:09]: I’m originally from the UK, and while I identify as Australian, I feel deeply connected to the Queen.

[2:04]: As we acknowledge this woman, we are not only saying goodbye to a Queen but also mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

[3:10]: There are very few people who can claim to have worked for 70+ years in one job that is so impactful, influential and carries so much responsibility.

[4:59]: We have lost one of the greatest and most iconic figures of all time. I know of most of us, she has been the only monarch we’ve had and I think it’s opened up possibilities for what’s possible for women, by having such a steadfast and public female at the helm of the monarch. I think the reason why she has been so influential and is so beloved is because of her ability to connect. A core part of her role is to engage with people from all walks of life.

[6:19]: Another thing that strikes me about her life, is that it was centred around her duty and responsibility. 

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[8:49]: Personally this is the moment where I stop and think – what is the legacy I’m leaving. How do you want to be remembered and what do you want your greatest accomplishments to be?

[9:46]: We should never forget the importance of what each of us does and contributes to the world and how this works together to create change. Every promotion a woman goes for, and every step up she takes, or confronts a bias or challenges stereotypes – that’s all such important work. And a lot of that is in our day-to-day living.

[11:02]: I invite you to really think about that – what is it that matters to you? Get clarity on your purpose and values and then live by those. Start small – just start somewhere.

[11:36]: “I know of no single formula for success. But over the years I have observed that some attributes of leadership are universal and are often about finding ways of encouraging people to combine their efforts, their talents, their insights, their enthusiasm and their inspiration to work together.” Queen Elizabeth II

[11:64]: I think that sums up the importance that each one of us plays and how collectively coming together we really can create change and a better future.


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