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  • how to stop under earning

    Ep 28. How to stop under earning

    Today’s episode is a follow-on from last week’s episode ‘Are you under earning?’. If you haven’t already, jump back and listen to it to gain an understanding of whether you are under earning in your career.  Take a moment and picture yourself earning the amount of money you desire. Everything in your life will shift […]

  • Ep 27. Are You Under Earning?

    Are you under earning in your career?  This is a very important conversation and may be the first time you have even taken a moment to consider whether your current pay is competitive in the industry. Or you may have been feeling like you’ve been under earning for a while and don’t know where to […]

  • women not supporting women

    Ep 26. Women Not Supporting Women

    Women in the construction and property industry have been the minority for such a long time and often have to face obstacles that occur from working in a male-dominated industry. In fact as of 2023, only 13% of the construction industry are women and only 36% of the property sector are women. Two of the […]

  • High Performance Habits for Success - Part 2

    Ep 25. High-Performance Habits For Success – Part 2

    Today we’re continuing the conversation about creating sustainable habits for success. This is all about understanding how we create habits and what our brain needs in order to create long-term results. If you haven’t already listened to Part 1 of this episode, make sure you go back and really take the time to get clear […]

  • high-performance habits

    Ep 24. High-Performance Habits Part 1

    We often put so much pressure on the new year as the moment for everything to change. But the truth is, everything changes when we make the decision for that to happen. Instead of new years resolutions that ultimately fade and lead to discouragement, I want to talk to you today about creating high-performance habits – […]

  • Ep 23. Making the Decision to Succeed

    For my final episode of 2022, I wanted to leave you with a juicy one! I’m talking today about intentionally making the decision to succeed every single day.  I hope this episode motivates and inspires you to really go for it in 2023 and be the absolute best that you can be. We’re taught not […]

  • stop people pleasing

    Ep 22. Stop People Pleasing

    We are well and truly on the home straight to Christmas – truly my favourite time of the year. I love that everyone is in a festive mood, people are starting to relax and think about the new year and the goals they have for themselves. This time of year is also a time connection. […]

  • Ep 21. Creating A Vision For 2023

    The people who are really killing it in life, the people who are truly happy, doing well and making a big impact on the world aren’t that way because they played it safe. Those people live life on purpose. They strive for something much bigger themselves, they choose how they want to live and take […]

  • Ep 20. Stop Waiting For Tomorrow

    Is your career thriving? If not, this is your opportunity and your message from the universe to do something about it. In the episode today, I discuss why we need to stop waiting for tomorrow. We can all relate to this feeling on some level. We commonly give ourselves a date in the future when […]