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  • Building resilience

    Ep 45. Building Resilience

    How do you handle the times when everything is not going to plan? When the going gets tough and all you want to do is curl up in a ball?  Building resilience is such an important topic because every single one of us will go through lows in our careers and personal lives where our […]

  • how to become a leader

    Ep 44. How to Be A Leader

    I’ve worked in the property and development industry for a long time and I know first hand how challenging it can be to be the only woman in the room. It has traditionally been very male-dominated, especially with women being very underrepresented in leadership roles. But I’m here to tell you that we need women […]

  • how to build a strong personal brand

    Ep 43. Why You Need a Strong Personal Brand

    One of the most important steps to building a career you love is visibility. One of the most important steps to building a career you love is visibility. How do people recognise you? How do people know what you do and what you stand for? As a woman in property and in construction, or in […]

  • authentic leader

    Ep 42. The Art of Authentic Leadership

    On today’s episode, we are talking about the art of authentic leadership. This is a conversation I’m really excited to have because the shift to authentic leadership is something that we’ve really seen take prominence in the last few years. Specifically, what good leadership looks like has shifted in the last decade and even in […]

  • reverse engineering your career

    Ep 41. Reverse Engineering Your Career

    Reverse engineering your career is a great way to take control of your professional development and achieve your goals. We can use reverse engineering by starting with the end goal in mind and working backwards to determine the steps needed to reach that goal. In other words, instead of blindly following a traditional career path […]

  • the power of self-belief

    Ep 40. The Power of Self-Belief

    Are you feeling stuck in your career?  Do you find yourself doubting your abilities and questioning your worthiness for that promotion or new opportunity?  If so, you’re not alone. I’ve worked with many professionals who are experiencing self-doubt, but what sets successful individuals apart is their unwavering self-belief. Self-belief is the foundation of a thriving […]

  • The Number 1 question to ask your boss

    Ep 39. The #1 Question To Ask Your Boss

    Knowing the right questions to ask in the workplace can make a world of difference to your career and open up opportunities for progression and promotion. This ability to take the time to inquire, seek clarification, and understand expectations through thoughtful questions can dramatically impact your performance, relationships, and overall success in the workplace. In […]

  • is it time to quit

    Ep 38. Is It Time To Quit?

    A quandary that most of us will be confronted with at various points in our careers is whether or not it’s time to quit your job. Forging a new pathway in your career can be daunting because it often means leaving a certain level of security and familiarity behind. This is why it’s so important […]

  • ways to boost your confidence at work

    Ep 37. 11 Ways To Boost Your Confidence At Work

    A lack of confidence is something that I see holding women back all the time. Some women struggle with a lack of self-belief and others have the inclination to avoid self-promotion or don’t want to appear egotistical, which means they show up less confident and miss out on opportunities presented to them.  Confidence isn’t something […]