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How to Accelerate Your Career: The 3 Essential Strategies to Climb The Corporate Ladder

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Rebecca Bangura

Founder of Beautiful Disruptions, Former Senior Program Director and Executive Coach for mid & senior level professionals

I am passionate about women’s leadership and creating diverse, equitable & inclusive organisations. As a former Senior Program Director, I spent 15+ years working my way up in the Property & Construction sector and I know a thing or two about the struggles women face climbing the corporate ladder. Now I share what I’ve learnt with emerging women leaders in male-dominated industries, because career progression doesn’t need to be soul-destroying or involve longer-hours. 

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Create your personal career plan that will allow you to set yourself up for professional success, have greater earning potentail and feel confident and assertive.

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Get clear and proven career development strategies, so you can successfully build your corporate career and become a respected industry leader without sacrificing your health, relationships or personal life.

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Establish your own group of trusted advisors who will provide you with the counsel, support and expertise when you need for your ongoing growth and success, in a day.