living courageously

You’re right, I do not look 50! And that of course is because I’m not. But today, I am proud to say that this my friends, is my 50th blog here at Beautiful Disruptions! Last June I launched my business after 18 months of thinking about it. And that commitment has guided me to live courageously and go all out to pursue my goal of transitioning from project manager into a full-time coach.

15 months on, that transition is in progress as I juggle busy schedules in my business and in my part-time corporate role as well as being a mum of a toddler. But the growth I’ve had and the lessons I’ve learnt have been remarkable.

The journey so far has been terrifying and exhilarating. And I thought I’d share with you some of the major lessons I’ve learnt, in the hope they’ll inspire you to go after your own dreams.

1. Know you why

Having a vision is one thing, but truly understanding why it’s important is a game-changer. Because when you ‘why’ becomes greater than your fear, that’s when you start to make headway.

For me, the goal is to run a successful coaching business but my why is so I can support women to unashamedly live life on their terms. This matters because the result is increased rights and opportunities for women which helps create systemic change that will support equity across our society.

Now I know that might sound a little long-winded, but it’s something I come back to time and time again when things get tough, which they invariably do. It is what inspires me to keep helping women one-by-one, instead of returning to my corporate job full time, even though the latter would be easier.

2. Courage is the magic sauce

For a long time, I thought that in order to show up consistently I needed to have confidence, but I’ve come to realise that I actually need to show up with courage instead.

I need to have the courage to put ideas out into the world. Courage to accept a new direction and be willing to pivot and evolve.

By living courageously, I have developed more skill, & competence which has, in time led, to more confidence.

3. Progress over perfection

Every single blog I’ve written, I can find fault with. There may be a typo or I might have a better way of explaining something in hindsight. But by committing to putting my ideas out there I have had to embrace progress over perfection.

I’ve also realised that I, like many of us, am never satisfied with my own work. I can always find opportunities for improvement, but I have chosen to let this go.

I will never be the best writer, nor will I have all the knowledge. But what I do have is a platform and an audience I am able to help. And I’ve come to accept that that is far more important than wasting a lifetime trying to ‘get it right’ and never actually contributing.

4. Stop seeking approval

Sometimes hitting send on my weekly emails or posting on Instagram fills me with dread. And when I get to the heart of it the simple reason is, I’m worried what other people will think.

  • What if they think I’m being too preachy?
  • What if they pick up on a grammatical error?
  • What if I look stupid?

The list goes on & on.

Now I know, intellectually at least, that what I put into the world will not resonate with everyone. But I’ve also had to accept that not everyone I care about will embrace my new path or find value in my work. And I’ve decided to accept that no matter how uncomfortable it feels.

I am choosing to live courageously and show up for all the people my work will help, instead of worrying about those that it doesn’t serve. Because you can’t please everyone and nor do we need to.

So whatever it is you are longing to do, start today.

The path may not be easy but it will be worth it! And remember, we are all a work in progress, you have a contribution to make in this world and you worthy of living a life you love.

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