As the year-end looms, like many people I’ve been reflecting on the lessons I’ve learnt in 2020. And there have been many but here are the key takeaways that will shape my thinking into the future.

1. Worry gets me nowhere good

April to June as my dark period of 2020. As things changed rapidly and the whole world was struggling to respond to the pandemic, I, like so many people were consumed worry.

Worried would I keep my clients? Would I keep my job? How could I protect myself and my loved ones?

The questions were endless and the fear and stress felt overwhelming.

But then at some point, I just got plain fed up with feeling worried about things I couldn’t control. So I decided to lean into action instead.

What was it I actually wanted? What was in my control? What influence did I have?

I went back to goal setting mid-year to get clarity and perspective. As part of that process, I articulated each of my concerns, instead of indulging in the endless ‘what if’ game. I started to create an action plan to deal with each concern I had and started taking action.

At the time, doing this wasn’t easy but 2020 has taught me to keep focused on my goals. This kept me productive, allowed me to take a birds-eye view of life and to consider positive outcomes. From there I was able to have meaningful conversations and take action that created opportunities down the track.

This proactive approach also did wonders for my confidence. I felt engaged and in control of my future, even if there were many things I still couldn’t control.

If you want help with goal setting, check out this free resource to guide you to create meaningful, aligned goals for 2021.

2. I need to actively foster an abundance mindset

Perhaps my biggest lesson for 2020 is that I need to actively foster an abundance mindset.

The term, coined by Stephen Covey back in 1989 in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (one of my fave books), refers to the paradigm that there are unlimited resources available. It is in opposition to the scarcity mindset where resources are limited and that one person success or wealth, limits the amount available for others.

Now, it is one thing to have an abundance mindset and it is another to actively cultivate it.

For me, the practice of abundance has made all the difference this year. I have incorporated this into my daily routine by including gratitude in my journaling practice, using affirmations and increasing my consciousness around my thoughts and the language I use, through coaching.

3. Speaking up is important

Whether it relates to my own goals, social issues or our institutions, 2020 has reminded me that I need to actively engage in the important conversations.

In fact, I think we all share this responsibility.

We need to take ownership and action to build the future we want. This means tackling complex and often uncomfortable issues but if we don’t do, who will?

And for each of us personally, if we can’t articulate what’s important to us and take a stand for it, we will always be at the mercy of others. And no one wants that, so it’s time to be brave and bold and create the life we dream of.

What are the big lessons you’ve learnt in 2020?

Share in the comments below.