Want more success & happiness in your work & life?
Start living your Joyful, Aligned Life...

Do you wish you had the confidence & tools to unashamedly make your dreams a reality?

I see so many women, like you, who are ready to get clarity on their dreams & create genuine joyful alignment in their career & life.

The problem is you don’t have the support you need to make it happen or you’re still figuring out exactly what you want your life to look like. 

I can help… 

It's time to stop feeling frustrated or unfulfilled & start taking action for the life you long for.

I'll show you how, every step of the way.

Is this where you’re at right now?
⬩  You have a niggling desire for more fulfilment & joy even though you’ve achieved success in your career
⬩  You’re not sure your life is ‘on track’ 
⬩  You find yourself wondering ‘is this it?’ It feels like something is missing
⬩  You have ideas about the life you want to live but don’t know how to make it happen 
⬩  You’re ready to ‘step-up’ to create long lasting change in your career and life 

What if you could…
⬩  Connect with your values & get clear on your life vision so you know what you’re working towards 
⬩  Create new purposeful habits to help you achieve your goals & bring more fun to your daily routine 
⬩  Develop your mindset & confidence so you can to live life the way you want; &
⬩  Develop the tools & support framework that will keep you on track to living a joyful, aligned life

It’s the reason I created the Joyful, Aligned Life Program, so you can get the one-on-one support and practical strategies you need to bring more fulfilment & joy to your life, every day. 

The 3 Stages to a Joyful, Aligned Life

finding happiness


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What you’ll get inside the Joyful, Aligned Life Program

 One-on-one coaching calls

Weekly actions plans & practical resources 

Ongoing, personal email support

⬩  Your personal roadmap to take you from Dreamer to Visionary to Creator so you can celebrate your wins, track your progress & see where you’re going
⬩  Clarity on your purpose so you can set meaningful, exciting goals that matter to you 
⬩  The skills to build a success mindset so you can pursue your dreams with confidence & clarity 
⬩  New tools, habits & strategies that reflect your unique desires, values and priorities 
⬩  A personal plan that utilises your existing skills, knowledge & experience to help you create the life you want
⬩  Your weekly action plan so you have the clarity, direction & focus to keep you moving forward 
⬩  6 x one-on-one coaching sessions so you always have the support you need 
⬩  Email support for 6 weeks which means you can ask any questions that come up between coaching calls

Get ready to unashamedly make your dreams a reality.

I'll help you create the joyful, aligned life that I know you deserve.

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kind words from clients

  • Rebecca is knowledgeable, inquisitive and asks all the right questions. 

    Through the one-on-one sessions and email support, I became aware of what I do and don’t want in my career and life. 

    This clarity has enabled me to develop meaningful career goals and life solutions and to act confidently and decisively.”

    Amy Hammersley, Project Manager, Sydney Australia
  • “I started coaching with Rebecca to try and tackle some limiting beliefs that were holding me back for a long time. After several coaching sessions with Rebecca, I was able to see these beliefs in a different light and replaced them with real empowering beliefs that serve me.

    I’m so grateful for Rebecca’s guidance and support. I can honestly say I’m now free from these limiting beliefs and I feel confident, energised and in control of my life.

    Rebecca is extremely professional, knowledgeable and cares deeply about her clients and their results. I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for practical guidance and breakthroughs in their life, career and relationships.”

    Kim Lim – Client Relationship Manager, Perth Australia
  • “This was my first time working with a coach and I wasn’t sure what to expect but I can confidently say I got a lot more out of it than I expected.

    Sometimes you just need that external person to give you a bit of a push to think about what’s going on around you, consider what you want, set goals and to support and guide you to believe in yourself and create change. Rebecca did all this and more!

    Rebecca always made me feel comfortable to speak freely without judgement and showed a sincere interest in my life, career and family.

    The gap between where I am now and where I want to be is a lot smaller and I will definitely be reaching out to Rebecca throughout milestones in my personal and professional life.

    I can’t thank Rebecca enough for all she has done.”

    Nikita Kersten – Client Development Manager, Sydney Australia
  • Amy Hammersley
  • Kim Lim
  • Nikita Kersten


Successful, professional women who want to find more joy & alignment in their life & work.

For some this may involve assessing and transforming areas of their life, whilst for others it may involve more subtle, intentional shifts that result in more fulfilment & happiness. 

The Joyful Aligned Life Program runs over 6 weeks, however you’ll have unlimited access to the course content so you can come back and review it any time in the future.

Working together you’ll get clarity on your purpose, allowing you to create genuine alignment in your career & life. 

The program includes:

⬩ A detailed intake questionnaire to provide background to what’s happening for you now so we can get the most out of our coaching sessions including a strengths assessment survey to help us play to your strengths

⬩ Weekly content including videos & workbooks to guide you through exercises to develop your vision, deal with mindset shifts & learn the tools you need to live in alignment

⬩ 6 x 50-minute one-on-one coaching sessions, where we’ll explore your interests, strengths, life vision and values, as well as address mindset challenges that may be impacting you & develop a personal action plan so you have clarity, direction & focus

⬩ Weekly accountability check-in’s with me, your coach, to keep you moving forward

⬩ Ongoing tracking assessments so you can see your progress & identify opportunities to create more balance & joy; and

⬩ Email support throughout the 6 weeks to help you between sessions and address challenges straight away.

There are many benefits of coaching including: 

– It helps you envision what is possible for your life

– Coaching creates a framework for progress so you get momentum & ongoing guidance 

– Your coach will see you as the best version of yourself and support you to be that person

– You’ll be challenged to think differently 

– You’ll learn tools and strategies that will help in all areas of your life and last well beyond the coaching relationship

Everyone works at their own pace but to get the best results from the Program, I recommend dedicating 2-4 hours each week for the duration of the 6 week program.

This includes coaching sessions, time to watch the videos & complete the workbooks, as well as time to ponder ideas & reflect.

One-on-one coaching sessions last approx. 50 minutes and are held virtually via a secure Zoom connection. These can be a video-conference or a voice-only call depending on your preference. 

Coaching calls are usually held weekly throughout the 6 weeks program to keep up the momentum.

Sessions times are typically available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

You’ll be able to book these sessions online, with rescheduling required with a minimum of 24 hours notice.  

Note – If you’re unable to find a time suit, reach out and we’ll look to find a time that works for us both.


To get the best results, the coaching relationship is based on mutual trust and respect, and that means all information shared in our sessions is confidential. 

Information is never shared unless explicitly required under the relevant Laws or with your express consent. 

The payment in full cost is $1997 AUD and needs to be made at the start of the Program. This options saves $190. 

Alternatively, 3 monthly payments of $729 AUD can be made, totalling $2187. 

In the event of a failed payment, access to the Program and coaching sessions may be restricted until the payment issue is resolved. Further details are available in the Terms & Conditions, available here.

You’ll receive a welcome email which will include a link to a detailed questionnaire so I can get to know you, where you’re at right now and how we can play to your unique strengths. 

Within 48 hours you’ll receive another email and access to your private portal where content will be released each week. You’ll also be able to schedule all your coaching sessions as well as have email support throughout the duration of the program.

Whilst ongoing tools and support is provided by the Coach, results are determined by the Client’s commitment & effort and remain the responsibility of the Client. 

As the Client you may request a refund in writing within 14 days of the Program commencement date, at which point access to the Program content will be disabled.

The Client must provide complete a survey provided by the Coach, prior to the any refunds being processed.

Any refunds will exclude redeemed coaching sessions and fees as noted in the terms and conditions which are available here.

Then let’s talk!

It’s important that the Program is the right fit for you, so if you’re considering joining but you’re not quite sure if it’s for you then I’d love to chat.

Book your obligation free call ASAP before entrance to the Program closes or complete the application form and I’ll be in touch. 

Making the decision to create change is the hardest part.

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