The other day I asked on Instagram, what are you looking forward to in the new year? And from the feedback, the most common theme was people wanting to slow down more. Which got me thinking… why do we all feel stuck on the hamster wheel, or as though we are rushing through life? I made the decision years ago to stop being busy, but I still sometimes wonder, how do I slow down? And why is it so hard?

Now I don’t profess to know all the answers, but here are a few thoughts I have on the subject. I hope they help you on your journey to stop rushing and enjoy life more.

The idea of women ‘having it all’ does us a disservice

As women, the idea of having it all is nothing new, but this outdated notion does us all a disservice. Sadly, this idea puts on us on an endless wheel of trying to live up to a societal norm. A norm that most of us don’t even want when (and if) we actually stop and think about it.

We need to stop chasing a stereotype or trying to live up to others expectations. Instead, we should work to understand what truly matters to us personally.

From there we can strive to create our life accordingly, knowing it will be unique and on our own terms.

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Busy is seen as a badge on honour

I’m calling BS on this one – being busy is NOT a badge of honour.

Rather, it’s an idea that has us constantly trying to assert our value based on others perception and how much we are doing.

In the process of being so busy, we forget to actually consider the quality of what we’re doing and instead get caught up in the quantity. The result is exhaustion, frustration and fatigue.

After all, wouldn’t we all prefer:

  • Fewer friendships that were each based on genuine connection and mutual appreciation, rather than 1000’s of ‘Facebook friends’ who we wouldn’t recognise, let alone say hello to in real life?
  • A job that provides balance and encourages us to have a life outside of work, so we can show up each day full of energy, clarity and focus. This allows us to to enjoy and maximise our output for the time we are there, instead of endless unproductive hours in front of the screen that we end up resenting?
  • To master one or two skills or hobbies that we enjoy, rather than trying to do all the activities, being average at everything and enjoying none of them?

I know what I’d go for.

Clear intention changes everything

We all have the tendency to think things will be different when we achieve our next goal. But the truth is, that is rarely the case as our happiness is driven by our thoughts, not our circumstances.

If we stop rushing to the next milestone, we can slow down and take the time to get clear on our intentions. Once we have clarity we can focus on managing our thoughts and ensure they are aligned with what drives us.

So, how do I slow down and stop rushing?

Here are some ideas to keep you in relaxed pace and enjoying life:

  • Get clear on what you want and say no to anything and everything that is not aligned
  • Focus on one thing at a time. By simplifying your focus, you’ll amplify your results and have more fun in the process
  • Accept others will be disappointed, but remember your responsibility is first and foremost to yourself

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