make it happen

If you’re wondering ‘how do I achieve the results I want in my life?’, I’m here to tell exactly how. But before we get into that I want to ask you this: how committed are you to make it happen?

I ask because of all the things we need to do, the hardest part is making the unwavering decision to be 100% committed to achieving our goals. And whilst that sounds obvious, the reality is, most of us are in denial about how much we actually want to achieve our goals & what we are willing to do to achieve results.

What you need to achieve results

Jack Canfield amongst others believes that you have the capacity to do anything you dream up. And as I often talk about, there are 4 things you need to succeed at anything, being:

  1. A clear vision
  2. A plan
  3. Consistent action; and
  4. The belief that it’s possible

Of these 4 things, the hardest of these is consistent action. This is the essential step that requires the definitive decision and commitment to doing whatever is necessary to achieve your goal. Because once that commitment is made, creating results becomes a matter of how and when, not if, could or should.

Why commitment is essential

Making the commitment to achieve your goals is is essential for two reasons.

Firstly, by making this decision to go all in to achieve the results you want, you eliminate the option to give up. You can no longer back down or change your mind. Instead, you are going to make it happen, NO MATTER WHAT.

You are ready to tackle the obstacles and challenges that will undoubtedly come up. And you are committed to show up and do the work until you achieve the results.

Secondly, in committing to go for it, you free your mind from analysis paralysis and buffering. You can stop considering alternatives and making excuses and instead just get on with it. This stops you having decision fatigue, which drains our energy, enthusiasm and self-confidence.

You are now focused on the prize you have set for yourself, which empowers you to get on with it instead of second-guessing yourself.

So honestly, how committed are you?

So between you & me, how committed are you?

Are you all in?

If so – WOO HOO!!! Go get it my friend. Because you absolutely have what it takes to achieve your goals.

If not… Know that that’s completely fine not to be striving for change. After all, this is your life so you do you sister.

But promise me 3 things:

1. You are not allowing fear to stop you from committing to your goal.

Because here’s the secret – we are all scared of going ‘all in’, welcome to the club!

But seriously, opting out of the life you desire because you’re scared will always mean you are living small. Because all the great results happen outside our comfort zone and that’s why most people never live a life they truly love.

2. You’ll let go of the ‘dream’ or expectation you have. You can always revisit it later, but for the moment commit to being happy and satisfied with your life just as it is.

3. Don’t complain about things if you’re unwilling to commit to change. Because that’s your choice, so suck it up.

Ready to step-up and start achieving the results you want?

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If you are committed to achieving results in your life, share in the comments below – what is the thing you are 100% committed to achieving?