get what you want

If you’re wondering how to get what you need to be happy, let me tell you that it’s an inside job. Happiness is not something we just find, but it is something we have to create for ourselves, and here’s how.

Define what you need or want

People who live content lives rarely stumble into their happiness. Instead, they’ve actively and deliberately sought fulfilment and joy.

Doing this requires you to get honest with yourself and really consider what is it you need or want. Think about all the areas of your life, whether it’s in your life, career, finances or relationships and ask yourself:

  • What is the outcome I want?
  • Why is it important to me? 
  • How will this make me feel?

Answering these questions allows you to take control and be clear on what it is you are trying to achieve. (If you’re stuck on exactly what is it that you need to make you happy, check out this exercise to help you get clarity on your life vision).

Commit to taking action

Once you’ve defined what it is that you want and why, you can then focus on how to achieve it. Set a clear intention and start taking action to make it happen.

Put your desires out into the universe by verbalising what you want. Talk openly to anyone and everyone about what you are working towards and you’ll find opportunities will open up. 

Commit to taking consistent steps, no matter how small. Over time this creates a snowball effect that will lead you closer to what you want.

Focus your energy and intention on what you want

What we focus on expands, so it’s important to focus your energy and intention on what it is you want.

To do this, firstly focus on the positive. By this, I mean look for examples of what is going well in your life and what you’d like more of, rather than focusing on what’s lacking. This simple practice of gratitude will prosper an abundance mindset and allow you to enjoy moments of happiness on a regular basis.

Next, try visualisation. Create a detailed mental image of what it is you want and allow yourself to feel the happiness you’ll experience once you have what you want. The results of visualisation can be so powerful and Jack Canfield has a great guide if this is a new technique for you.

Also, consider using a mantra to keep you focused and connected to your desire and intention. Trying making it a daily practice to repeat your mantra, or draw on it when you’re feeling stuck or frustrated.

Don’t be attached to specifics

Finally, remember there is never a single path to being happy and getting what you want, so don’t be attached to things happening a certain way.

Approach your desires and your happiness with an open mind and heart and be open to all possibilities.

Trust in the process. Be clear on what it is you need and want and then take action to seek happiness out. The universe and those around you will find ways to help you, but you must start the process and be open and willing to explore all possibilities. After all, you never know where things may lead.

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