Are you an organisation committed to developing female talent and leadership capabilities within your team?

Well, I'm here to support you and your organisation
to do just that.

The transition from employee to leader can be challenging and requires a new set of skills, beyond technical expertise. And for women, they are often faced with a unique set of challenges, particularly in male-dominated industries.

One-on-one coaching provides a platform for open communication and growth, to allow leaders in your organisation to thrive, long-term.

I draw on 15+ years of experience in the property sector as well as evidence-based techniques to guide and support my clients to create step-by-step strategies that produce lasting results that are aligned with organisation objectives.

Coaching for Emerging Leaders

This program is designed for early to mid-level 'up-and-coming', high potential leaders.

It focuses on developing the necessary skills, self-awareness and vision to excel in their career and lead your organisation into the future.

coaching for female leaders

Through this program, participants will:

⬩  Get clarity on their purpose and style as a leader, so they can set meaningful, exciting goals that matter to them personally and align with your company’s vision
⬩  Develop new skills, tools & strategies that allow them confidently achieve objectives and support their team, while having fun in the process  
⬩  Create open communication channels with their team, peers and management, to create mutually supportive relationships that generate results and lead high-performance; &
⬩  Establish and work through a personal action plan that utilises their existing skills, knowledge & experience, and provides clarity, direction & focus to keep them developing.

If you’re ready to invest in your organisation’s leadership future, find out more.

Customised Coaching & Training

Based on your organisation’s specific needs bespoke opportunities for coaching and training can be developed. To find out more, please get in touch.