find a job

At some point, we are faced with the need or desire to find a job. And ideally, we all want a job we love. Something that excites, challenges and rewards us for our unique talents, experience and skills.

But finding the dream job can be daunting and overwhelming. And sometimes the perfect opportunity seems to inexplicably pass us by.

So here I want to step you through the key things you need to not only nail the job hunt process but also to secure a job you love.

Stop being desperate (to find a job)

Regardless of your situation and the fact you may need income ASAP, I urge you to take a step back and stop being desperate.

Because desperation is not a circumstance, it’s a way of being. And with it comes an energy that others pick up on.

Think of it as that awkward first date where the other person was so eager to please… That energy rarely attracts. In fact, it usually repels.

So take a step back. Take a deep breath and commit to the job search process and trust that the right opportunity will find you.

Know yourself before starting the job hunt

Clarity is necessary to live a life on your terms, so you need to be crystal clear on these 3 things in order to find the right job:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you can do; and
  3. What you want to do

Knowing each of these things will allow you to create a life by design and will guide your job search process. This means finding a job you love that aligns with your skills, interests and experience. As well as allowing you to clearly position yourself as the right candidate for the job.

Working out the answers to these 3 things can take some time, so if you’re just getting started try journalling and responding to these 3 questions:

  • I am …
  • I’m able to …
  • I’m excited by …

Aim to write at least 10 responses to each question and keep repeating this journalling process until you have clarity.

Believe in yourself

You’d be surprised how often resumes and cover letter, fail to articulate or demonstrate someone’s the relevant experience. And it usually boils down to one thing – self-belief, or more precisely, the lack of. And this is especially true for women.

But consider this – if knowing yourself is important to find a job you love, self-belief is crucial. Because if you don’t believe you’re right for the job, no one else will either!

You need to be 100% convinced of the value and capabilities you bring to a role and an organisation or the opportunity will pass you by.

Now, this does not mean you need to know every single aspect of the role or meet every criteria. Instead, it means you have the confidence, mindset and commitment to working it out.

For many of us, this requires us to work through our limiting beliefs (and yes, we all have them) and create a new outlook and future for ourself.

Now if you’re struggling with this, get some support. This might be through your personal advisory board or it could be working with a coach but seek guidance before you submit your job application.

Get the word out

Now that you believe you are deserving and capable to do your dream job, it’s time to be bold and actually declare it.

Now, this doesn’t mean a blazing announcement, it means tactfully building and utilising your network with clear intention.

We often forget that other people aren’t mind readers, so they don’t know what it is we’re working towards. But by connecting geniuinely and thoughtfully with people, you can share your aspirations in an authentic way. And once people know what you’re working towards, they will seek out ways to help you and opportunities will often start to present themselves. Because people want to help. And suddenly your network is working to assist you in making your dream job a reality.

This may materialise as people sharing a job with you, introducing you to a friend or colleague in your desired field, or by them simply giving you a wrap in a conversation. Sometimes you’ll be aware of what they’re doing and other times you’ll never know. But by declaring what you want people (and the universe) will conspire to present new ideas and opportunities that will support you towards your goal. In practice this means:

Get active on LinkedIn

This doesn’t need to be a daily commitment but you should at a minimum have an up-to-date profile and have linked your connections to your address book. I recommend making it a habit to go on weekly, check updates and engaging with posts and your connections.

The LinkedIn’s Job search should be a go-to to find opportunities and it gives you the added bonus of providing connections to the role which can be invaluable.

Talk to people

Be open to talking to anyone and everyone about what you’re working towards. This includes your hairdresser, the person in line at the post office as well as friends, colleagues and family.

This shouldn’t be a sleazy process. Instead, start the conversation by asking what they do or what challenges or excites them most about their job. Take a genuine interest in the response and engage in a thoughtful conversation, which will at some point turn to you. Don’t be shy to ask for others opinions, thoughts or guidance for how to achieve your dream job. People love to help and you’ll be amazed how much knowledge and how many connections people have when you tap into it.

What points resonate with you? Comment below to share your thoughts.