Coaching for Emerging Leaders

Taking the step from employee to leader is a challenging one that requires a new set of skills beyond technical expertise.

This program is designed to support ‘up-and-coming’, high potential leaders to develop the necessary skills, self-awareness and vision to get on track and excel in their career.

coaching for female leaders

Through one-on-one coaching you will: 

⬩  Get clarity on your purpose and style as a leader, so you can set meaningful, exciting goals that matter to you and align with your company’s vision
⬩  Develop new skills, tools & strategies that allow you to confidently achieve your objectives and support your team, whilst having fun in the process
⬩  Create open communication channels with your team, peers and management, to create mutually supportive relationships that allow you to achieve results and perform at your best
⬩  Establish and work through a personal action plan that utilises your existing skills, knowledge & experience, and provides clarity, direction & focus to keep you moving forward 
⬩  Create a clear career trajectory so you are clear on your personal ‘big picture’

If you're ready to step into your leadership potential, this is for you.

I'll help you create the actionable strategies to get results and be a respected and valued leader in your organisation & industry.


Through the Coaching for Emerging Leaders program, you’ll get: 

 One-on-one coaching calls

Personalised actions plan & practical resources 

Ongoing, personal email support

 Progress report & roadmap 

⬩  A detailed intake questionnaire for you to provide background on what’s happening for you now including your aspirations and goals, so we can get the most out of our coaching sessions
⬩  A pre-coaching questionnaire for your Manager, about you. This will provide valuable insights into your skills, strengths, and opportunities for growth & development 
⬩  Strengths assessment survey to help us understand and play to your strengths 
⬩  1 x 90 minute one-on-one, deep dive start-up coaching session focused on your goals, to review feedback and identify what is and isn’t working well. From there, we’ll start exploring your areas for focus and development. We’ll work together to identify key actions to support your career journey by creating your personal action plan. This is then followed by: 
⬩  11 x 50 minute one-on-one coaching sessions held fortnightly where we’ll continue to explore and develop your leadership skills and ensure alignment with your strengths, interests and values. We’ll also tackle challenges you are facing and address mindset barriers that may be impacting you and holding you back. Together, we’ll work through your personal action plan for you to keep moving forward and making progress
⬩  Personalised activities to create a support framework & develop the necessary tools & skills to become a confident, valued and respected leader in your organisation and industry 
⬩  Email support during the 6 months, so you are supported between your sessions and can address challenges and opportunities in real-time; and 
⬩  A summary report at the end of the program to highlight achievements, progress and future goals & opportunities

The Investment

$3600 AUD

Group discounts are available

To enrol or find out more, please get in touch.

It's recommended that clients commit approximately 6-8 hours a month to complete the coaching calls & activities.