Coaching for Emerging Leaders

Taking the step from employee to leader requires a new set of skills beyond technical expertise. Coaching for Emerging Leaders supports ‘up-and-coming’ high potential leaders to develop the necessary skills, self-awareness and vision in order to excel in their career

coaching for female leaders

If you're ready to step into your leadership potential, this is for you.

I'll help you create actionable strategies to get results and be a valued leader in your organisation and industry.


Through the Coaching for Emerging Leaders program, you’ll get: 

 One-on-one coaching calls

A personal action plan & practical resources 

Ongoing support

 Progress report & roadmap 

This will provide background on what’s happening right now. It includes your aspirations and goals, allowing us to get the most out of our coaching sessions.
As a result we’ll get valuable insights into your skills, strengths, and opportunities for growth and development.
 To help us understand and play to your strengths.
Initially we’ll focused on your goals, reviewing feedback and identify what is and isn’t working. 
From there, we’ll identify key actions to support your career journey. Each week we will continue to explore and develop your leadership skills and ensure alignment with your strengths, interests and values. We’ll also tackle challenges and address mindset barriers that might be holding you back to keep you moving forward and making progress.
To create a support framework and develop the necessary tools and skills to become a confident, valued and respected leader in your organisation and industry.

Throughout the program so you’re supported between sessions and can address challenges and opportunities in real-time.

To  highlight achievements, progress, future goals and opportunities.

The Investment


$3,600 AUD

To enrol or find out more, please get in touch.

In order to get the most form the program, it's recommended that participants commit approximately 6 hours a month to complete the coaching calls & activities.