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Nikita Kersten

'The results I gained were priceless...'

Industry: Engineering & Construction

Challenges: Starting in a new position, Nikita was feeling a little ‘out of her depth’ and was unsure of how to set herself up for success. Overwhelmed with long work hours and commute time, Nikita was trying to prove herself at work, balance her health and life at home. 

Results: Working together, Nikita was able to identify the key objectives for her role, understand and develop a plan to bridge knowledge gaps. She also addressed her own self-doubt and gained the confidence and tools to show up and deliver consistent results. 

Nikita considered what she wanted both short and long-term and from there developed a Career Master Plan that positioned herself to become a respected and valued industry expert, while  also implementing boundaries to allow her to progress her career and have a balanced and fulfilling personal life.  

Kim Lim

'I am now in a much better place...'

Industry: Construction

Challenges: Kim wanted to grow in her career but wasn’t sure what was next for her or how to go about it. She was frustrated and unsure how to move forward. 

On top of this, Kim was also facing some unrecognised limiting beliefs about her own ability and what was possible for her. She wanted more for her career but didn’t want to be perceived as greedy, overbearing or ‘full of herself’. 

Results: Through coaching Kim was able to reimagine her career without limitations and away from other people’s expectations of her,  which allowed her create a clear vision for career and life. This formed her career master plan that she’s been able to execute and has resulted in a new role and more enjoyment and fulfilment in her work. 

Kim was also able to shift away from a sense of lack into an abundance mindset that has freed her up to pursue other personal goals as well, including writing a book and spending more time with her kids. 

Jan Ashdown

'Rebecca's got such a great gift for coaching...'

Industry: Design

Challenges: As a Director, Jan business was experiencing the challenges that come with rapid growth including juggling business development, attracting and retaining the right talent and managing stakeholder expectations.   

Jan was also conscious of balancing working on the business vs working in the business and stepping into her role as leader, rather than doer. 

Results: Within the supportive executive coaching framework, Jan was able to get clear on how to grow the business, including establishing clear strategic objectives and tactics to implement. 

Jan also addressed some personal mindset blocks, which allowed her to draw on her skill and experience to confidently and intentionally show up as an empowered leader to support her growing team while continuing to drive engagement and deliver outstanding project outcomes for her clients. 

Isobel Bowditch

'I wasn't quite sure about where I wanted to go or how I was going to get there...'

Industry: Media

Challenges: Isobel was ready to make the next step in her career and was excited by the prospect of entering corporate workforce but wasn’t sure how to go about it after having only worked in a small private business and having limited professional experience. 

Results: Isobel was able to secure her dream role in a sought after industry that fit with her long term plans. 

She did this by first get clarity on she wanted and what was important to her. From there she was able to establish and implement her Career Master Plan, which included cultivating her personal brand, honing her resume and interview techniques and leveraging her network to open up new opportunities. 

By being strategic in job search, Isobel created a pathway for long-term progression and the confidence to step into her role knowing the value she brings to the organisation. 

Emma Guirguis

'She asks the questions you never ask yourself...'

Industry: Supply Chain & Logistics

Challenges: As a Tour Operations Manager, Emma and her team were made redundant when the pandemic hit. 

Having spent her whole professional life in the travel industry, and with no opportunities available in the field, Emma’s confidence was low and she was unsure of what work she could do, or how to go about securing a new role in a new industry.

Results: Working together, Emma got clear on what she was looking for in a new job and the pathway to obtain it. By honing in on her transferable skills and interests, Emma was able to position herself to open up exciting new opportunities.

Working on her confidence, personal brand and interview skills, Emma was able to change industry at a managerial level, into a role that she loves and has a clear, long-term progression opportunities. 

Cynthia Ong

'Rebecca really helped clarify what was important to me...'

Industry: Sales & Finance

Challenges: After the tolls of long hours and constant travel for work, Cynthia felt physically exhausted. Work was no longer fulfilling and she wondered if it was possible to have a career she loved, that challenged and stimulated her, while also having the time and energy to invest in meaningful relationships, her own personal growth and to travel and have adventures. 

Cynthia began a job search but struggled with understanding her own priorities with the seemingly competing demands of a high-flying career and a fun, fulfilling personal life. 

Results: Cynthia got clear on what’s important to her, both professionally and in her personal life. From there she was able to establish a framework to make aligned career and life decisions, which then made her job choice easy. This has meant she’s been able to thrive at work and in her relationship, without sacrificing her sense of self or her health.  

This is how Rebecca helped Amy, Felicity
and many more achieve the career acceleration they dreamt of!

Rebecca is knowledgeable, inquisitive and asks all the right questions to be able to develop career goals & life solutions.

This clarity has enabled me to develop meaningful career goals and life solutions and to act confidently and decisively. I am now more decisive, aware and now know my career indifferences.
career coaching sydney
Amy Hammersley
Bid Manager, Construction
Thanks to Bec I now have more confidence in myself, my skills and experience and am able to articulate this in interviews and with key stakeholders.

Bec was great at helping me see my value in the workplace and how to go about evolving and enhancing the value I give and also how I'm rewarded at work. This lessons I've learnt will stay with me for life.
Felicity Thomas
Property Portfolio Strategy, Property
Rebecca is fantastic at steering you in the right direction, helping you to identify and feel empowered in your skills and hold you accountable for your goals.

I'm so glad I was referred to Bec. She has had such an impact on the way I perceive myself and my career. Her presence, support and advice has made all the difference!
Isobel Bowditch
People & Culture, Media
Rebecca asks the right questions to ask to get the results. Somehow, when asking the tough questions that need to be answered to get results, she makes you feel at ease.

I gained more clarity of the path that needs to be followed to achieve a career goal. Also realised I need to be more direct when asking for things in a professional sense.
Emma Guirguis
Team Lead, Logistics & Transportation
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