Personal Development

  • healthy realtionships

    Why we all need a support system

    In today’s society, it can be easy to think we’re supposed to be able to do everything ourselves, but the truth is, no one is an island. And the sooner we recognise that we need a support system, the sooner we can foster rewarding, healthy relationships. These relationships whether with family, friends, colleagues or partners, […]


  • keep a journal

    How to Journal – What you Need to Get Started

    Since I can remember I’ve kept a journal. It’s a practice that is second nature to me, and one that I know helps keep me grounded and focused. It also helps me gain clarity, and for that reason, I recommend that everyone should keep a journal. But sometimes I’m met with resistance, and I think […]


  • how to change your life

    How to change your life right now!

    A few years ago I decided I wanted to try something new in my career and after 15 years in property, and I retrained as a career and life coach. Today, I run a successful coaching practice 2 days a week, whilst also working in the property sector part-time. The professional diversity I’ve created has […]


  • growth mindset versus fixed mindset

    Cultivating a growth mindset

    Have you ever wondered if having natural talent would make you more successful? Well, the results are in and the good news is that success is not tied to innate talent. Instead, success comes down to mindset, not skill and what you want to have is a growth mindset. But if you’re not sure what […]