• networking made easy

    How to love networking – unconventional tips from an introvert

    I used to consider networking a necessary evil. Something you know you should do, but never actually like doing. You know, like exercising. But recently, I’ve come to embrace, and dare I say it, enjoy networking 😮 So, what’s changed? My approach. Now there are loads of articles out there telling you why you need […]


  • how to create a life vision

    Why You Need a Life Vision (& How to Create it in Less Than an Hour)

    Have you ever worked really hard to achieve a goal and then felt deflated when you finally achieve it? Well, you’re not alone because while having goals are great, having a life vision is actually the key to your happiness and to living a life you love. Yep I know, it sounds like another thing […]


  • simple guide to achieve your goals

    How to Achieve Your Goals – 5 Steps for Success

    Ever find yourself wondering “how do I achieve my goals?” Maybe you have so many things you are trying to do but you don’t seem to be making progress?  I hear this a lot. It can be the pitfall of ambitious, driven people. We want to do so much but we can end up feeling […]


  • What is coaching

    Everything you want to know about coaching

    These days everyone seems to be talking about coaching. People seem to have a coach for just about every area of life – career, health, finances – the list goes on. If you’re wondering what is coaching? Is it just a fad or do I need a coach? I’ve got your questions answered. Consider this […]