career development plan

If you ever wondered what the key to a successful career is, it’s having a career master plan. This goes beyond a traditional career development plan, and it’s the key to long-term professional success.

Here I’ll sharing with you:

  • What a career master plan is
  • Why you need one; and
  • How to create it

And if you’re ready to step-up professionally and finally take control, I’ll show you how.

What is a Career Master Plan?

A career master plan is the guiding foundation that sets your career up for long term professional (and personal) success.

It is something I developed after years of frustration in my own career. Because despite putting in the ‘hard yards’, I kept seeing opportunities go to male colleagues, being paid less than my male peers and all the other familiar challenges that come with being a woman in a male-dominated field.

At its core, a career master plan defines what you want and how you’ll to achieve it.

It provides a birds eye view of your desired career, as well as the detailed, tactical plan to execute.

This robust plan includes:

  • A long-term career development plan
  • Details for how to position yourself as an industry leader; and
  • How to cultivate a success mindset

These three elements are necessary for anyone wanting to reach a position of senior leadership.

And it’s particularly important for women in male-dominated industries who have the added challenges of the ‘Boys’ Club’ culture, gendered stereotypes and the entrenched patriarchal systems to contend with, when considering career progression and opportunity.

Why do we need a Carer Master Plan?

Many women start their careers with leadership aspirations, but sadly over time, it can become apparent how difficult it is to reach senior leadership.

And while many organisations and industries seem to be increasing women’s participation, on closer examination, the numbers usually reveal that women continue to hold relatively junior positions, as well as large proportion of support roles.

It’s what they call the sticky floor, whereby women systemically fail to move beyond middle management. This is evidenced by the the lack of female representation in CEO, C-Suite and Board positions.

Add on top if the pay-gap, which is 12.9% globally and in Australia is 14.2%.

This pay discrepancy typically starts right out of uni and continues throughout women’s professional live. This means women retire with less money, despite living longer. And the difference widens further for women who move out of the full-time workforce for care-giver duties.

Given this is the reality for women, it then become essentiality for us to have a clear plan to execute.

This plan ensures we have the skills and experience necessary to progress, access to the opportunities and the mindset and confidence to fulfil our professional goals and reach positions of leadership.

That is why having a career master plan is so crucial to guide and support your long-term success.

Having this also allow fo you to stop having to constantly think about your progression.

Instead, you’re able to have a plan and then set it to auto-pilot. And with regular review and tweaks when required, you can free up your mental load allowing you to focus on the things that matter to you outside of work as well.

How to create a Career Master Plan?

Creating your own career master plan requires some work but once you have it in place, it frees you up to focus on work and life outside of work, instead of being constantly concerned about career progression.

So step some time aside to do the work. Formulate your own career master plan, suited for your specific situation.

Start by understanding what you want to achieve. I like to start with the question:

“What would my life look like in 5 years time if anything were possible?”

When you answer this, let go of your preconceived ideas and really imagine what would make you happy. [This exercise will help you].

Once you have this, work backwards. What professional skills and experience would you need to gain? How will personal factors factor into your career? What is the support system you will have around you to support your growth and success?

Answering these questions goes beyond having a career development plan.

This is a comprehensive plan that considers beyond your current role and factors in all all aspects of your life, both personal and professional.

You also want to establish yourself as a leader. This requires you to play to your strengths and establish your professional reputation. And the more deliberate you are with this, the easier it is to establish your expertise and open opportunities.

Finally you want to consider the mindset factors that will ultimately impact your success, and your happiness.

Because regardless of the stage of your career or your role, mindset is a constant challenge. But by developing self-awareness, actively practicing mindfulness and cultivating a growth mindset, you are able to grow and step into being a truly inspiring leader.

Want help putting together your own Career Master Plan?

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