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Building Up Women
In Property

Get no-nonsense, practical tools to help you show up confidently as a woman in an industry built for men. 

Overcome self-doubt, overwhelm and overworking to gain clarity and a clear plan for your career so you can unapologetically create a career and life you love.

Welcome to building up women in property

Practical tips & strategies to create a career you love

If you’re a woman ready to level-up in her career, this will guide, support and inspire you to do just that, from a woman who has been there. 

coaching for women leadership

What people are saying...

“A motivating podcast, succinct and engaging messages for women in every industry… of all ages! Rebecca speaks passionately and wisely, definitely tuning in again!”

career confidence coach

Meet the host

Rebecca Bangura

Career Confidence Coach for Mid-Level Women Professionals in Male-Dominated Industries

I am passionate about women’s leadership and creating diverse, equitable & inclusive organisations. 

Over 18+ years I have worked my way up in the Property & Construction sector and I know a thing or two about the struggles women face climbing the corporate ladder. 

Now I share what I’ve learnt with emerging women leaders in male-dominated industries, because career progression doesn’t need to be soul-destroying or involve longer-hours. 

It’s about overcoming self-doubt, gaining clarity and building the skills and confidence to play on a bigger scale.

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What people are saying...

“This podcast has motivated me to strive beyond the ‘comfort zone’ for self-fulfilment above anything else. Best of all, this advice is given with such clarity and is intelligent, without being ‘preachy’… It’s given me the boost I didn’t know I needed”