• How to be a Leader: Busting Leadership Myths

    great women leaders

    When we think about great leadership and how to be a leader, we tend to look at the examples around us. And given that men hold the vast majority of leadership positions, and so many industries continue to have an inherently masculine culture, it’s no surprise that leadership is often associated with traditionally masculine character […]


  • Play to your strengths

    career coach sydney

    Growing up I had a vision of what a good leader should be. In my mind, they were perfect and always in control. Of course, once I actually entered the workforce, I realised that this is far from the reality. After all, everyone has their strength and weaknesses and, certainly for most women leaders, they […]


  • Living in your Zone of Genius

    living in your zone of genius

    If you’ve ever heard anyone talk about ‘zone of genius’ and wondered what they are talking about, well, you are in the right place. Because I’ll explain what your zone of genius is, why you want to pursue it and how to live in your zone of genius every day. Because being in that space […]


  • How to effectively delegate in 5 steps

    how to effectively delegate

    We all know what delegation is, but the truth is most of us aren’t very good at it. For the simple reason that we were never taught how to effectively delegate. The result is that we often think that it’s not worth the time or effort to delegate or that it’s easier to do things […]


  • How to get results & create lasting change

    how to get results

    Do you remember the story of The Tortoise and The Hare? In a nutshell, the fable tells us that slow and steady wins the race. And while many of us grew up with this belief, I’m here to tell you that slow and steady isn’t always how you’ll get the result you want. See, sometimes […]


  • How to set boundaries & thrive in life

    how to set boundaries

    Are you feeling overwhelmed, overworked or frustrated? Well, you’re not alone. And the likelihood is that you don’t have clear boundaries in place. Because let’s be honest, boundaries get a bad wrap. Most of us don’t know how to set boundaries and we fear having them will make us seem selfish. So we avoid putting […]


  • How to be happier in life: 25 things you can do now

    tips for happiness

    If you’re wondering how to be happier in life, well I’ve got you covered. But before we get to those tips for happiness, here’s a little reminder that it is possible to have the life you want. It’s not selfish to want more fun and fulfilment but the clincher is that you alone are responsible […]


  • Creating results in 2021 (There’s still time!)

    2021 goals

    Ummm… how is it almost July already? Do you even remember those 2021 goals you set? Or maybe after the craziness of 2020, you might not have even set any goals. Regardless, as we reach the midpoint in 2021 it’s time to take stock and realign so we can create results in 2021 and remember […]


  • The perfect in imperfection: A little love note to you…

    perfect in imperfection

    I’m the first to admit that I am all about self-improvement and personal growth. But in the midst of pursuing more success and happiness, it is very easy to forget this important fact: You are perfect, just as you are. Yes, my friend, you do not need changing. You are in fact, perfect in your […]


how to find my purpose

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