am i too ambitious

Do you find yourself questioning ‘am I too ambitious?’

I raise this because this came up for me this weekend.

Over my coffee and avocado toast (yes I actually went to a cafe 🙌), I was taking stock and reassessing my goals and I found myself thinking: am I too aggressive with all the things I want to achieve? Do I have too much ambition?

But after my second coffee I came up with this:

No, I am not too ambitious.

And I do not need to justify my goals because I follow through with action and tenacity.

See, I am someone who by nature likes to stretch myself and my abilities.

Like the time I signed up to cycle from Vietnam to Cambodia without having ridden a bike in the 20 years, or my choice to work and study full time for most of my twenties (yes, I’m a total geek 🤓😂).

I’m driven by things outside my comfort zone and I have the general approach that regardless of what it is, I will eventually figure it out.

And I genuinely believe that we can achieve anything if we have 3 things:

  1. A clear vision
  2. A plan to make it happen; and
  3. We are committed to taking consistent action.

So if you are wanting permission to be brave and ambitious, consider the words of Stacey Abrams (the first black female nominee for Governor in the US) in her TED talk: “Be aggressive about your ambition”.

Do not allow yourself to be shamed or to feel guilty for wanting more. and do not let fear hold you back. Because this is your life and you should go for it. 100%. No apologies. Permission granted.

Now I’m not suggesting everyone needs to have big crazy aspirations. I know that oftentimes our ambitions can be small, quiet desires and that is perfectly fine too.

Instead, my point is that we should each pursue whatever it is that drives and excites us. Be willing to take this risk and commit to what you want above all else and then go for it.

And if others think you are too ambitious (or that are dreams are too small for that matter), that’s on them. So you do you and focus your energy on making your dreams come true.

be ambitious
Somewhere in Cambodia 2010 (with a sore bum)

What would you do if there were no limits? Share in the comments below