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Hi, I'm Rebecca Bangura.

I help women in male-dominated industries navigate their careers and become confident, impactful leaders.

Career coach for women in male-dominated industries
leading coach for women in male-dominated industries

In fact, I think I know you. 

You’ve done well in your career, but being one of the only women in the room can be challenging. 

Navigating the Boy’s Club and the egos that go with it. 

Constantly having to prove yourself. 

Being assertive and competent while avoiding being labelled bossy or emotional.  

All the while, you’re getting paid less than your male colleagues.

It’s exhausting. And infuriating.

And there’s this lingering sense that you are capable of more. 

More impact. More opportunity. More money. 

I know these feelings all too well.

With almost 20 years in the property and construction sector, I’ve experienced many of the challenges women in male-dominated fields face.

Now, as a qualified coach, I am privileged to support women
to realise their potential and become confident, impactful and
sought-after leaders

In the process, we are disrupting industries in a beautiful way,
by creating more representation, inclusion and equity for women.

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I believe in helping women everywhere to lead, learn & earn a good living.

Supporting women to prosper is central to my work.

For every client I work with, I donate to UN Women, allowing them to continue to drive gender equality, support women’s rights and provide access to education across the globe.

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