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I coach high-achieving women to get clarity on their dream career and give them the confidence and tools to unashamedly make them a reality.

coach for high-achieving women

Hey there!

I'm Rebecca,
coach to high-achieving women & founder of Beautiful Disruptions

You’re here, so I’m guessing there’s something you want to be different in your life. 

Maybe your career isn’t fulfilling anymore, maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed? Or maybe you just want to achieve more, be happier or have more adventures?

Well, you’re not alone. 

As a qualified coach and experienced manager, I coach high-achieving women like you to guide and support them to live a fulfilling and joyful life, without sacrificing their career ambitions or their sanity. 


Find out what coaching is, how it works and if it’s for you

Learn all the ways we can work together and what to expect

Get insights, tips and inspiration to help you thrive in life and work

kind words from clients

  • “This was my first time working with a coach and I wasn’t sure what to expect but I can confidently say I got a lot more out of it than I expected.

    Sometimes you just need that external person to give you a bit of a push to think about what’s going on around you, consider what you want, set goals and to support and guide you to believe in yourself and create change. Rebecca did all this and more!

    Rebecca always made me feel comfortable to speak freely without judgement and showed a sincere interest in my life, career and family.

    The gap between where I am now and where I want to be is a lot smaller and I will definitely be reaching out to Rebecca throughout milestones in my personal and professional life.

    I can’t thank Rebecca enough for all she has done.”

    Nikita Kersten – Client Development Manager, Sydney Australia
  • “I started coaching with Rebecca to try and tackle some limiting beliefs that were holding me back for a long time. After several coaching sessions with Rebecca, I was able to see these beliefs in a different light and replaced them with real empowering beliefs that serve me.

    I’m so grateful for Rebecca’s guidance and support. I can honestly say I’m now free from these limiting beliefs and I feel confident, energised and in control of my life.

    Rebecca is extremely professional, knowledgeable and cares deeply about her clients and their results. I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for practical guidance and breakthroughs in their life, career and relationships.”

    Kim Lim – Client Relationship Manager, Perth Australia
  • Rebecca is knowledgeable, inquisitive and asks all the right questions. 

    Through the one-on-one sessions and email support, I became aware of what I do and don’t want in my career and life. 

    This clarity has enabled me to develop meaningful career goals and life solutions and to act confidently and decisively.”

    Amy Hammersley, Project Manager, Sydney Australia
  • Nikita Kersten
  • Kim Lim
  • Amy Hammersley

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Making the decision to create change is the hardest part.

 It doesn’t matter where you are right now or what you want. 

What matters is that you’re ready to do the work to make it a reality. 

So if you’re a high-achiever, ready to pursue the life you really want, then I’m here to guide and support you every step of the way.